This page contains a number of tools that will help mentor-leaders to initiate and sustain learning-focused relationships that can function as conduits for lasting conceptual and organizational change.

Blogger - Use a variety of pre-made templates to create your own blogs that support the uploading of media-based content for free. Blogs can function as particularly effective tools for connecting with colleagues at the classroom, building, district, state, national, or international levels. - chericem1 chericem1

Chat Creator - Lets you add a chat window to your website so that others can communicate with you when you are online - chericem1 chericem1

CiteULike - A social bookmarking service that allows you to connect with others doing similar research. - chericem1 chericem1

ClustrMaps - Lets you add a cluster map that shows the geographical locations of all the visitors to your website. A great way for you to map your connections. - chericem1 chericem1

Cmap - Free, online collaborative concept mapping that allows you to attach documents and photos and include hyperlinks. Especially nice because you can link your maps to the maps and resources being created by other educators in the world who are working on similar projects. - chericem1 chericem1 - This free social bookmarking site allows you to create, organize, and share an annotated list of online bookmarks to your favorite websites with colleagues, students, parents, and community members. Search the site to discover what colleagues who are working on similar issues are saving, then add those colleagues to your network so that you can continue to learn from them. The things you save can then be categorized by topic, "tagged" for individuals in your network, or "fed" into your professional blog, class website, school home page, or organization website so that others can learn from you! - chericem1 external image chericem1-sm.jpg

Google Scholar – This search engine returns only scholarly articles and books, tells you how many people have cited them, and links you to related articles. Great for discovering people who are working on problems of interest to you. - chericem1 chericem1

Evite - This site allows you to design custom invitations for various kinds of events, draft a guest list, send the invitations, and track the responses automatically. You can choose from pre-made themes and templates, or create your own. - chericem1 chericem1

Flickr - Allows you to create libraries of images that you can share with others and is a particularly good place to "store" a shared collection of photos for a group.

Go2Web2.0 Directory - A handy directory of Web 2.0 services, most of which can be used to develop stronger professional networks. - chericem1 chericem1

Google Docs - Free, online spreadsheet and word processor like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word that lets multiple users on different computers edit a document simultaneously and save it online. Great for collaborative authoring among various group members. Combine this with Skype for voice features too! - chericem1 chericem1

Google Notebook – Lets you copy snippets from online articles, or create your own running notebook on the topics of your choice online. The notebooks can be kept private or shared, making them a great place for you to take notes, keep track of sources, and share them with colleagues. - chericem1 chericem1

Google Reader - After creating a free account, you can use this service to keep track of the webpages to which they have "subscribed" (for free and very easily) using RSS technology. You can "subscribe" to colleagues' blogs and easily keep track of who has posted new content. - chericem1 chericem1 - Allows you to create free quizzes, polls, and surveys that you can use on your blog, MySpace, etc.
- chericem1 chericem1

Meebo - Lets you manage chat/IM from multiple services all in one window. Also lets you create a customizable chat widget to add to your blog. - chericem1 chericem1

Meeting Wizard - A free, online tool that allows you to negotiate a date for an event, send out invitations, collect responses, and send reminders . . . all automatically! - chericem1 chericem1

Protopage - Ever wonder what a Web 2.0 webpage will look like? Well, here's the answer! Register for free to get your own page, then customize the content by clicking on any of the tabs and altering their contents. Make as much as you like public or private. Like someone else's content? Simply click import and watch it all get added to your page. - chericem1 chericem1

Skype – Free software that allows you to talk to anyone in the world (up to 4 people at once) through your computer for free with a cheap headset mic (like the telemarketers wear) as long as the other person also has the software. Great for group conversations about projects. You can also call landlines or cell phones, but there is a charge for that - chericem1 chericem1

Swivel - Lets you explore, compare, and share data - chericem1 chericem1

The Amazing You Tube Tools Collection - A collection of tools to help those interested in using/publishing materials to You Tube. - chericem1 chericem1

Tubes - Allows users to drag and drop content (audio files, bookmarks, documents, e-mail contact lists, spreadsheets, videos) into a "tube" that can then be accessed by all those who have been invited to share it. Invitees can also upload content to the tube, making project collaboration easier. The latest versions of content in the tube synch up when the user is online. Click on the Download link to see a 30-second demo. - chericem1 chericem1

Webnote Wiki - Allows users to collaboratively take color-coded notes in a space they create and organize them graphically. People can subscribe to your RSS feed. - chericem1 chericem1

Wikispaces - Allows you to set up collaborative work spaces where multiple people can collaborate. Allows uploading of documents, files, images, and multimedia in addition to basic text, and includes discussion boards for every page, editing histories, revert options, RSS subscriptions, and the ability to review recent changes. - chericem1 chericem1

Yugma - Free Web 2.0 videoconferencing software. You can conference virtually with up to 10 other people for free. (Read more about Tim Lauer's experiences with it here: - chericem1 chericem1