Links to videos shown during Cherice's keynote presentation at the NNELL Swapshop Breakfast at ACTFL in November 2007 in San Antonio, Texas, as well as additional information. As you view them, ponder the fact that each of these technologies is currently available and the consider the following question:


Bendable Video

Electronic Paper

  • AmazonKindle. (2007, December 1). Jeff Bezos and bestselling authors discuss Amazon Kindle. YouTube. Retrieved December 7, 2007, from - Obviously an ad, but it shows you how the concept of electronic ink and electronic paper are already being applied and marketed. For those of you who were doubtful about the idea that books will ever be replaced, note that this device was released in December 2007 and Amazon is taking an initial loss in the price of its books in order to launch it.

Video Stamps

Electronic Paper & Mobile Computing Converge

Mobile Computing with RFID

Surface Computing

  • Ted Talks: Jeff Han - A fantastic video that demonstrates many ways that emerging technologies (such as multitouch sensors) are going to change the way we interact with ideas, concepts, information, and machines.

MIT Media Lab's I/O Brush

Organ Printing